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Miller motor speedway is switching gears from wheels to heels! So get registered and request just $10 dollars from 10 people in order to raise the minimum $100. to support more than 45,000 people affected by MS in Utah and Southern Idaho. You won’t... READ MORE

Thousands will gather at Winter Park in Colorado for some mucky merriment

On August 27, thousands of competitors will gather at Winter Park in Colorado for some mucky merriment. The extra challenge here is that Winter Park is located 9,000 feet above sea level. The air is thinner and less oxygen is available. Albeit rare... READ MORE

Mud Run Liberty Is Hitting The Northeast In Less Than a Month!

You don’t have to spray-tan to acquire the illustrious skin tone Snooki has mastered for years. You only need to visit to register and start raising money for MS research like Tobias Schraven who has collected $5,... READ MORE

Last month, runners from Philly quadrupled participation numbers from 2010, conquered the 10K obstacle course, and raised more than $800,000 for people living with MS in the Philadelphia area. Also in June, participants sloshed through the Sherwood... READ MORE

Whether you wear a fluffy, purple wig and a string of pearls, or full-on military garb, there are a few ways you can accessorize your get up to make the go a little easier. Wear ankle length socks tightly. Fellas, sopping wet, argyle knee-highs... READ MORE

Multiple Sclerosis interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and stops people from moving. What better opportunity to embrace our health, push hard through a challenge, and advance toward a finish line free of this disabling... READ MORE

Cars and Motorcycles aren’t the only things that race!

At Miller Motorsports Park, people race too! But the only pit-stops happening on August 13th are in mud pits! So forget about rotating your tires and instead get your wheels turning by steering your hard drive over to Miller Motorsports Park and... READ MORE

Are you ready to sign up for the competitive division? Or are you going compete for a personal best in the DGAP (don’t give a poop) wave? If you’re still undecided, here’s some information we hope won’t leave you muddled. If you or your team are in... READ MORE

Monumental news! The Original Mud Run is taking over Jersey City on August 20. Oh beautiful for spacious mud pits! At 9 am, 10 kilometers of Liberty State Park will become a challenging course of man-made muddy depths, slippery slides and rope... READ MORE

(and plants, and ice, and clay…)

Mud is often a combination of plant life, water, air and rock. A good ‘ol portion of Ohio, however, was once covered by ice so the most common soils in these regions formed from glacial deposits. But don’t get cold feet before the race! Thousands of... READ MORE