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In May of 1999, the Senate first passed a resolution designating May as National Military Appreciation Month. This means that for the entire month, Americans are encouraged to recognize and honor U.S. service members during this month. Some ways you... READ MORE

April showers bring… more mud!

The practice of spring cleaning started way back before electricity and it’s that time of year people, when we need to dust off the athletic shoes, scrub off the self-doubt, scour away at those extra pounds you’ve been meaning to take out with the... READ MORE

That’s over 4,000 high fives, chest bumps and slaps on the backside for showing up and confronting the nets, the ropes, the pits and potholes! The dirty pictures are popping up all over the internet proving that competitors were knee-deep in... READ MORE

Registration now open for Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, you have never played this DIRTY before! Be a part of history by registering for the inaugural Mud Run Utah today! Registration is open and available by clicking here! Here is mud in your eye! READ MORE

We Are Gonna Pump You Up!

Like Arnold's biceps The Original Mud Run is ginormous! And if you want us to point you to the beach or you are looking for the gun show than check us out this weekend at the Arnold Classic! Our Muddy promotions team will be at the Arnold Classic... READ MORE

Colorado is Open for DIRTY Business!

We are not sure we can make a Mud Wall a mile high but we know you will have miles of smiles when we roll into Denver in August. Then again, we are rocking this one out at the Winter Park Ski Resort...get ready for a ridiculously fun time and help... READ MORE

The Countdown Has Begun!

We are just a few short weeks away from slinging the first Mud of the season down in Jacksonville which will be followed by a little, who we kidding, a lot of Dirt in DFW. We got over 30 obstacles spread out over 6 miles of the best time of your... READ MORE

Check us out at various marathon and fitness expos

Good to see a bunch of you at the Chevron Houston Marathon Expo! Remember don’t be shy and check us out at the 26.2 with Donna, Gate River Run and the Arnold Classic expos too. We will be offering some unique registration incentives and having a... READ MORE

Register Now for Columbus and Houston

What is more American than participating in an event that is built by former US Marines? Plus it is a great way to burn off some calories from a long Memorial Day Weekend full of some All-American burgers, chips, and tasty brews. You got three... READ MORE

Resolve to GET DIRTY!

They say that making and sticking to your New Year's resolution is a challenging task. First of all who are "they"? And secondly this does not have to be a challenging task, we think it should be fun and maybe even a little dirty. So we suggest that... READ MORE